How do I upload my music to the site?

Because we review each song before making it available for purchase, artists are NOT allowed to upload any music to the site, instead email your music to our receiver music [@]mp3musicfactory.com, We’ll do the rest.
Additionally you can add a new product/song from your dashboard by clicking on Add New Product however you will still have to send us the song and submit the product for review before it goes live.
Once a product has gone live artists cannot edit it, but admin can make whatever changes you may need.

I am an artist, how do I join?

To join as an artist click on artist Sign-in/Register from the top menu. Enter the required information select the Apply as a vendor button and click register, we’ll review your application, once approved you can sign in and begin submitting music for sale.

My account still isn’t active it’s more than 72 hours.

Check your email for a notification from us informing you that your account is active. If you don’t see one we may have sent you a text message or our email was sent to your junk mail. Still don’t see it? Give us a call or send us a message using the contact form.

Ok, I am logged in, what’s next?

Now that you are logged in you should see your sale report first thing. From there you can submit new songs for review/sale.

How long does it take ti activate my account

Accounts are usually made active within 2 hours of your joining, however it may take up to 72 hours depending on how long it takes to verify your request and time of day. Please wait for a notification via email or text message saying your account has been activated from us before you attempt to sign in.

How will I know how many songs I have sold?

When you log in you will be taken to the artists dashboard the first thing you’ll see is the sales report.

When will I receive payment my sales?

We pay our artists whenever their sales have reached the minimum agreed amount in sales. (Sales agreement) We pay electronically via PayPal or Wire transfer to your bank.

How do I log into my account?

To log into your artist account from the “My Account” tab click “Artist Sign-in/Register enter your username and password. To view your account as a customer click on “My Account.” To return to the artists area click on Artist Dashboard.

Can I change my username?

Unfortunately, no, usernames cannot be changed.

Can I change my password?

Yes, in fact we encourage you to change your password once in a wile to keep your account secure. Use upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters such as: (, !, ?, $, %, ^, &, ). To change your password when logged in click on my account then account detail, you’ll be able to change your name, email and password.


Will the songs be full songs or samples?

In most cases the songs will be full songs, however some artists and producers may decide to tag the file we are allowed to make available to you with a logo or a non-invasive voice over, to prevent unauthorzed duplication and distribution.

My account is active how do I get access to the songs?

First you are not allowed to share your password with anyone not even other Pool members. You a not allowed to share the music you download with freinds family or other DJs if others want music from us have them get their own accounts. Now once your account has been approved and activated we will notified you via email or text message. You may now log in by clicking on “Artist/DJ Login,” and go to your allowed downloads page. Anyone who violates the above will be immediately suspended from access the DJ Pool.

I am a DJ or Radio person, how do I join the pool?

Simple. Click on the DJ Pool Register link and complete the registration form. Include all required information, we verifiy everyone asking to join this pool so be honest about your status as a DJ and where you work. So it may take longer to activate DJ Pool accounts.


I already buy my music from someone else, why should I change?

We are happy that you already buy the music of the artists you love, that’s great. We can’t tell you how others opperate but we can tell you MP3 Music Factory is not profit driven our first goal is to maximize our artists earning potential. This project was dreamed up by a group of people who not only love music but have spent a life time in the music industry as promoters of good music, singers and songwriters, that puts us in a unique position to know what artists around the world go through to record one song let alone an entire album.

Other sites let me have a paid account and unlimited downloads, why does MP3 Music Factory sell songs individually?

First, every company opperate within the parameters that best suits their business plan or model. Second this store was developed with a deep desire to help our recording artists make a few dollors back on the money they invest in bring us great music. Selling songs as singles make it easier for you to buy only the songs you love from the artists you love. Third, this method helps our artists track their sales individually helping them determine what their fans a responding to.

What if I want to login before I begin shopping?

You are welcome to log into your account anytime. Simply click the Log In link on the top right corner of any page and enter your login credentials emailed to you the first time you shopped with us. Once you successfully login we’ll redirect you to your account history, you may go anywhere on the site from then.

How do I create a customer account?

The first time you shop with us when you click proceed to checkout from your shopping cart fill in your billing information an account will automatically be created for you from your email address and the password emailed to you. keep it safe the next time you shop on the checkout page click Returning Customer link and login. If you have a coupon apply it here as well.

Why do I need an account to buy songs?

There a several benifits to having an accont on MP3 Music Factory. Including the ability to track your purchase history, having an acccount means we know who to send our special discount coupons to.

What if I lose the file I download and the link has expired?

When you make a purchase it is your responibilty to keep it safe. If you lose the file after your link expires you’ll have to purchase it again.

How many times may I download my purchases?

In order to protect our artists we only allow you to download the songs you pay for twice. You should also know the download link expires 24 hours after purchace.

My payment is complete, what now?

You should see a thank you note with your dowload link(s), you’ll also get a recipt which includes the link(s), click to download the song(s) you paid for. You can also find the link in your account when logged in.

How do I buy a song?

To buy 1 or more songs click the song and then click add to cart. To buy more songs click on Continue Shopping.

I just bought a ringtone, how do I use it on my phone?

iPhone users

First make sure you purchased the iPhone version of the ringtone (we cannot refund digital files once they’ve been downloaded)
Add the file to the Tones list in iTunes, then connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes. Select your iPhone in iTunes by clicking the button at the top right.
Click Tones and check the “Sync Tones” box.
Click All tones or Selected tones and, check the boxes next to the ringtones you want to sync. Click the Apply button to begin syncing.
Go to and open your iPhone’s Settings.
Click Sounds.
Click Ringtone from under the Sounds and Vibration Patterns section.
Scroll down till you find your new ringtone, preview and set it as your default or contact ringtone


Copy the ringtone files to your phone
Go to Settings >> Sound >> Device ringtone
Click the Add button to launch the media manager
Select your ringtone from the list.

Windows Phone

To add a ringtone using a Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 PC
Connect your phone to your PC:
Under Portable Devices, double-click your phone, double-click the Phone folder, and then double-click the Ringtones folder.
Find a sound file on your PC and then drag the file into the Ringtones folder.
On your phone, go to Settings Settings icon > Ringtones + sounds, then tap Ringtone to see a list of your available ringtones. Your new ringtone will appear under Custom in the list.