De Real Sewo


Artist Janet Azzouz
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Singer, songwriter, composer, performing artiste, executive producer. First sang onstage at age 3. Recorded first single at age 15 in late ’70’s with Belles Combo. Performed and recorded with different groups. Became a Canadian citizen in 1980, and recorded a Rock album in Toronto in the ’90’s. So far, have had six (6) number 1 songs on the island of Dominica, where I was born. My newest project ‘Celebrate’ has spawned an additional 3 number 1 songs.
Always kept my day job, however. Having a number one song in Dominica does not guarantee anything… Still hope to get my music out to the wider world, as I believe I’m an artiste worth listening to. My art comes with positive messages for the youth.

Bookings: (767) 615-6541